These general terms and conditions cover the purchase of products carried out on the website, owned by i-Technology Srl, with registered offices in Via Mariano Guzzini Zona Industriale PIP of Sambucheto – 62019 Recanati (MC) ITALY, Tel./Fax +39 071 7570996 Email: VAT ID 01894660438.


The conditions established in the Foreword are an integral, essential part of this contract. All contracts shall be concluded directly by the customer’s access to the website,, where the customer can conclude the purchase contract for the desired product.
The general terms and conditions of sale must be read online directly by the customer before completing the purchase procedure.
Proceeding to the confirmation of the order thus implies a total awareness and acceptance of it.


The characteristics of the products on sale are indicated, corresponding to each product, within the website ( All sales prices for the products displayed indicated on include VAT and any other tax related to the product(s) being purchased.
The total cost of shipping to the customer is paid for by the customer, unless otherwise specified in an offer. That cost will be, in any case, displayed to the customer before the purchase confirmation.
The purchase contract is concluded by the precise compilation of, and consent to, the purchase, manifested through acceptance given online. The customer can pay for the products ordered via the payment methods shown online at purchase.


i-Technology Srl, owner of the website, will see to the delivery of the products which have been selected and ordered by the client, to the addressed indicated in the ordering phase, with the means established by the paragraph above, by a courier contracted by i-Technology Srl.
Technology Srl does not assume any responsibility for disruptions in service attributable to force majeure such as accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and/or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and any other similar events which would impede their complete or partial execution in the time frame established by the contract.
i-Technology Srl is not responsible for any fraudulent or illicit use of credit cards, cheques and other payment means which may be carried out by third parties upon payment of the purchased products. At no time during the purchase process is i-Technology Srl able to access the buyer’s credit card number, which, through a protected connection, is sent directly to the banking service.


For the terms, conditions and duration of the warranty, refer to the warranty request section of the i-Technology Srl website ( The warranty starts on the day the goods are purchased.


To use the website, the customer must: Meet the requirements necessary to enter into binding contracts pursuant to Italian law; Entirely accept the sales terms and conditions; And provide true and correct personal data on the website at the end of invoicing.
By using the website, the Customer acknowledges that: S/he will be the only one responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of all personal information entered in the portal for the management and registration of orders.
The Customer must therefore promptly, and in any case before each order, adjust his/her data should there be any changes. Confirming an order entered through, s/he declares to have read and accept the conditions relating to the sales services. By registering on, the Customer authorises i-Technology Srl to handle and use his/her personal data for the purposes and in the ways indicated within the current Privacy Policy.
Having confirmed a purchase order, s/he must keep the automatically-generated confirmation of the order complete with all his/her identifying data.
The Customer may withdraw from the order through the section on return authorisation in the warranty statement.


i-Technology Srl operates pursuant to Italian law and, for any and all disputes, refers to the Court of Ancona.
As a consequence, the site’s content may not conform to that established by applicable laws in other countries. Users who access the site from those countries are aware of the penalties and legal consequences incurred and will be entirely and solely responsible for respecting their local laws.


i-Technology Srl reserves every right to refuse orders and/or provide services to any user at any time.


i-Technology Srl is responsible only for the role of managing orders online.
It is forbidden to use i-Technology Srl to violate the current laws and regulations established by the laws of Italy or of any other country.
All information and content published on the portal is considered necessary to the provision of e-commerce services for its customers.
i-Technology Srl shall not be responsible for any loss of data, malfunctions of services, etc. which can be traced back to: The improper use of the portal by the user; Deactivation of any of the user’s browser cookies; The lack of use/installation by the user of antivirus systems and appropriate protection for his/her internet browsing device.


Extensive inspections for the quality of the materials chosen and their processing are the basis of the i-eXe clothing programme. All qualitative inspections are carried out before placing the product on the market.
The yarns and fabrics are subject to natural structural variations which do not alter the garment’s original, exceptional qualities.
However, attentive care for the garment is required in order to extend the product’s life.
For all products in the clothing line, i-Technology, with the brand i-eXe, offers a 2-year warranty covering defects in the materials and processing starting from the date of purchase (the date stamped on the purchase receipt).
The warranty does not cover damages caused by normal wear and tear, improper use and breakage from accidents.
The warranty includes the repair of the product or its substitution at no expense to the user. The application of the warranty does not grant an extension of it or start a new period.
Following damages not covered by the warranty, i-eXe’s Customer services will contact the user.


For all warranty requests relating to items in the i-eXe line, we ask that users supply a few pieces of simple information, going to the reserved area and entering the requested data.
The documents which will be requested are: A dated, detailed receipt of purchase
(unfortunately, without proper proof of purchase, the warranty will not be valid, but we will be able to offer other options, so we encourage you to contact us in any case by sending an email to;
and images or photographs of the damages to the product.
Pictures help us identify any product defects and see to its repair or replacement without any cost to the user.


Don’t worry, what’s essential is the receipt from the purchase which will allow us to determine if your product is still covered by the warranty.


Once we’ve received the proof of purchase, we’ll contact you as soon as possible to confirm that the damage is covered by the warranty or to present you with other options for repair or replacement.
Covered by the warranty: if the product cannot be repaired, we’ll provide a new product for free. If the same product is not available in our warehouse, we’ll provide you with an equivalent product.
N.B.: If the i-eXe products must be returned to our offices for repairs, our Customer Services Department will provide you with all the case details and it will be our duty to see to the timely repair and return of the product.
Not covered by the warranty: – If, for any reason, your product isn’t covered by our warranty, we will inform you of the options offered by our post-sales assistance programme.
For more information on the procedure outlined here, don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to


The warranty is limited to i-eXe products.
i-eXe products are guaranteed against material and construction defects for two years starting from the date of purchase.
The warranty is valid only with a receipt of purchase in which the date of purchase is expressly stated.
The i-eXe warranty doesn’t cover damages caused by normal wear and tear, improper use, improper care, carelessness, normal loss of colour and strain on the materials over time and prolonged use, rips, tears, holes, burn marks, the formation of lint clusters and shrinking and breakage from accidents.
The guarantee doesn’t affect the customer’s legal rights as established by regional or federal law relating to the sale of consumer goods. Altering i-eXe products invalidates the warranty.
Customers can sustain the warranty period for a limit of two years, registering their product on the website.


Satisfaction guaranteed.
If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, write an email to the Customer Services Department to get a return authorisation (RA) code within 14 days of its reception.
Customised products or ruined products cannot be returned under any circumstances.
For all other products, if the item is returned in its original packaging, we will issue a refund. The product must be returned within 15 days from the date of issuing of the return authorisation code.
All products must be in the original, unmarked and undamaged packaging with all accessories, manuals and documents which accompanied the product.
Returns which do not meet these conditions can be subject to reductions in value.
The transportation of the return is to be paid for by the buyer.