Your Training. Our Technologies.

How we started

One day, an athlete, after having finished his daily training, met up with three of his friends, who asked him why he was so visibly anxious. He told them it was because of the training session he just completed.

After feeling quite hot in the sunny stretches, then cold in the shady parts, and having experienced the symptoms of fatigue with muscle pain, one of his friends, a textile engineer, asked him what kind of workout clothing he wore. He said he wore a simple t-shirt and compression tights.

Another friend, a physiotherapist, said the leg pain he was experiencing was due to the compression tights he was wearing, which aren’t always an ally to athletes. And the continuous fluctuations in temperature were due to the yarn which was used to make the knitwear.

At that point, the third friend, a designer, took the floor and proposed creating a line of performance clothing together, with the premise that a product made by an athlete, a textile engineer, a physiotherapist and a designer could be quite legitamate.

Make the difference

From that meeting, after countless prototypes tested in the lab, infinite colour and material tests and two years of work, i-eXe was born, perfecting a product without rivals on today’s market, a product that is both highly technical and highly performing on a qualitative level.

The search for better materials, the development of the best integrated technologies, experimentation out in the field, entirely Italian design and handicraft create a winning combination for i-eXe products as they face the most extreme sports hurdles.

At the beginning, our challenge was creating something unique. We’ve since won that challenge; now we’re focused on using our products to help you win yours.